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5 Step Approach to Business Blogging

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Author:  Alyssa Adkins


your 5 step approach to business bloggingYou’ve heard it before: in order to generate leads online, your business needs to blog. So, that’s got you convinced? Awesome. Next step: you need to start. Settle those nerves, folks; I’ve got five steps to help you jump start your business blogging strategy.

  1. Build buyer personas. It’s hard to write a blog, or anything for that matter, without knowing who you’re writing to. Sit down and write your audience profiles: age, occupation, income, wants, needs, aspirations, etc. Once you’ve defined your target audience more robustly, you can then write content that is relevant and meaningful to them.
  2. Clarify your service areas. In other words, determine the scope and reach of your blog. Are you focusing your content on a certain city? A state? Are you aiming at a national or even global audience? Be realistic and smart about the scope of your blog. In doing so, you can specifically target those areas and optimize for geographically relevant search and social keywords. #score
  3. List-out blog topics. Seriously, grab that pen and paper (or keyboard and mouse) and those buyer personas you built earlier. With the target audience perspective in mind, think about what you would want and need to know about your services and industry. Blog topics should be focused on relevant content to inform and benefit your buyer. Aim to fulfill a want, need or pain point of your consumer. Try your hand at thought leadership pieces that establish you as a trusted industry source. Avoid purely sales-focused blogs. Think about educational content, and then, if you can relate it back to your services, go ahead. But remember, your blog will not gain traction if a reader can hear the sales pitch in the first sentence.
  4. Build an editorial calendar. This, my friends, will keep you committed to your blog. For SMBs that are already pressed for time and resources, blogging (and marketing in general) is often the first to go. Do yourself a favor and prepare a monthly blogging calendar, including all the deadlines for drafts and postings. This will give you time to prepare and edit your pieces. You’ll always feel one step ahead – well, at least in your marketing efforts. :)
  5. Research before your write. It’s tempting to write blogs strictly from your head (hey, you know your business!), but try and use research to enhance your posts. This will help you make stronger arguments that establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

Yes, blogging can be intimidating; it’s hard to know where to start. But, in order to grow your business and market online, you need to blog. Try out these five steps and commit to them. Then, watch as your leads increase (and then keep writing).

Happy blogging!

Why Blog?

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Ryan Gagajena

There are many reasons why blog has become so popular in the internet media. The reason MWDS has chosen WordPress to become the medium of its corporate site is to first of all become a resource for our current clients and second to reach out to our future clients. Having such a blog site gives our  articles, references and other resources instant access to thos who visit our website. We love making websites and our greatest joy is when we see our client smile and gleem to see their website “come to life.” At the same time, we don’t like to stop there. We strive to make sure we provide as much of our knowledge to jump start our clients’ website business and ultimately reach their goal financially or communicate to their online audience.

“The reason MWDS has chosen WordPress to become the medium of its corporate site is to first of all become a resource for our current clients and second to reach out to our future clients.”

Comment and interact with us 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our website is always open! :)

Here is a great explanation online regarding blogs. One of my favorite shows in Youtube.com.

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Search Engine Optimization 101

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When you are either creating a website or developing an existing website, you are trying to make the best content as possible. For it is in the contents that drives traffic into your site. The contents of your site is the primary factor for a successful search engine marketing.There are several ways on how to drive traffic to your site. And there are factors as well to consider.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of which the volume and quality of traffic of a particular website is improving through search results from most popular search engines. Search engine optimization includes not only editing the contents of your website but editing also the HTML coding to boost its relevance to specific keywords.