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Web design has come a long way since I first started back in 2002

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When I first started my first website back in 2002, there were few choices in website platforms. I first started with Yahoo Stores building my first ecommerce sites selling remote control cars. It was a combination of html codes to DIY website platforms.

Here is a great article by Jerry Cao

See article

Videos Engages Web Visitors – See Our Videos

For the past 4 years, MWDS has always believed that the most successful websites not only features great designs but also how it can convert its online visitors to customers. These come in forms of clients wanting to use a service or a shopper planning to shop online. A great tool to do this is having a video on your website. Videos engage online visitors according numerous study. Here is an article that talks about that.


8 in 10 Marketers Using Online Video Seek Higher Engagement

Close to 80% of marketers using online video on their sites do so to increase visitor engagement, or time spent. This is by far the most popular reason. Another 60% use online video to strengthen their brand, and almost 60% use online video to increase overall visitors (more than one answer was permissable).

No other reason garnered as much as a 40% response rate. Approximately 30% of respondents said they use online video on their sites to increase available ad inventory.”

Source: ( www.marketingcharts.com )


Having said that here are some video that we have made for our clients just this month of November 2011.

As they say… “The Proof Is On The Pudding” or “Practice What You Preach”


www.cgctravel.com ( Offering Business and Corporate Travel Services including vacation travel services )


www.emteat.com ( Offering Emergency Technician Education and Training including 24 refresher courses  )


www.sterlinginterpreters.com ( Offering Language Interpretation in the medical, law enforcement and judicial industries )



Videos In Review September 2011

MWDS videos for the month of September 2011 mostly consisted of Training Videos for my current clients.




TheXfire.com Bike Lane Laser www.thexfire.com