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Pool Cleaning Services in California

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Palm Pool Service & Repair, Los Angeles, CA


Seasonal Maintenance

  • cleaning filters
  • pool conditioning

   Installation and Repair

  • pumps
  • motors
  • filters
  • heaters
  • skimmers
  • auto-fills
  • timers
  • pool lights
  • plumbing leaks
  • remote control systems
  • automatic cleaning systems (pool vacs)

Torrance Pool Service


Southbay Pool Spa


Here at Sun Swimming Pool Service, our main objective is to provide quality pool service. Let our experienced pool servicespecialists take care of all your pool service,spa service, & fountain service needs. Sun Swimming Pool Service offers professional & reliable swimming pool service that you can count on. We supply high quality swimming pool service along with friendly customer service to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the swimming pool service we provide. Sun Swimming Pool Service is a dependable residential and commercial pool, spa, fountain service & equipment repair company, serving the south bay for over 17 years. Call for a free consultation.


Los Angeles Pool Service


oolJoe.com is an employee and family owned pool cleaning service business. We have been in business since 2000, we offer a wide range of services specialize in pool/spa remodels, repairs, maintenance, and pool cleaning services and now a retail location in Los Angeles.

* Tile Cleaning

* Vacuum pool

* Backwash filter and inspect pump operation

* Clean all skimmer and pump baskets

* Skim leaves and debris from water surface

* Brush pool walls, steps, and floor as needed

* Test pH, chlorine, and total alkalinity levels

* Refill automatic chlorinator with chlorine tablets

* Adjust chemicals as needed and shock pool as necessary

* Servicing and Maintenance contracts

* Water analysis service24 hour emergency on-call service

* Training

* Telephone support

The Rylan Group offers accounting and financial services through their website

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Herman Baptist came to My Web Design Source to revamp their existing website and is now in the process of getting their new website up and running by the end of March. We look forward in their company’s new facelift! Welcome Herman and the rest of The Rylan Group staff!

The Rylan Group accounting financial solutions

The Rylan Group, LLC. automates tedious, time consuming bill workflow, bill payment, invoicing, and business document filing tasks that cost you time and money and take your attention away from your business and your customers.

  • Automate manual, paper-based processes
  • Stop typing in bills and updating vendor addresses (it’s automatic!)
  • Eliminate check printing, signing, and mailing
  • Access financial documents anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate check fraud
  • Send electronic invoices
  • Receive customer payments electronically and at low cost